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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED LEGATION OF THE Authority Stateletter Mhz UNITED STATES OF AMEyme NARS Date 2498 19. San Jose, Costa Rica DIVISION OF August 13, 1930 LAT 1930 LATIN AMERICAN AFFAIRS bmw No. 138 OIVISION OF EASTERN EUROPEAN Artal AUG 21 30 VDEPARTMENT OF STATE AUG Thos y DEPARTMENT OF STATE OR DISTRIBUTION. CHECK To the Field Coty All In it. s, 818. 00B LEBNDEX BUREAU Yes No fregation tau falvado note 17. 00 August 25, 1980. Copy to San Salvador 23 30 La: RM de Llo The Honorable The Secretary of State Washington Sir:I have the honor to advise the Department that, according to recent press notices, several foreigners (Europeans) have recently arrived in Costa Rica, who are suspected of very strong Communistic tendencies. See enclosure No. l, copy of a letter from Consul Caffery at Port Limon, which refers to this subject. Also, the notorious Colonel Buckley, returning from Panama, has been in San José nearly a month, but according to our best information, left a few days ago for the East Coast of Nicaragua. He did not come near the Legation during his stay in San José, but on his departure appears to have left a message for me which