Francisco TijerinoNorberto Salinas
REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES purector lion. DECLASSIFIED Authority Stateletter lahz y me NARA Date 2498 is bitterly anti American and strongly opposed to the retention of the Marines, in Nicaragua. NORBERTO SALINAS, is still in Costa Rica, as erratic as ever, his chief mission here seeming to be to embarrass President Moncada and to force, if possible, the to ton retirement of the American Marines from Nicaragua. YANDIN DR. FRANCISCO TIJERINO, for some years permanently located in San José as a practicing physician, is charged with cunningly concealing his tracks in continued medaling in Nicaraguan affairs, and, doubtless aided by his famous brother Toribio, has been the brains of the opposition which has been directed from Costa Rica against President Moncada and the United States Government policy of maintaining Marines in Nicaragua. These four individuals last mentioned above form a combination difficult to excel for unscrupulous cunning and ability to stir up trouble for the Moncada Government. The foregoing information having been supplied to Minister Hanna in a personal note (See enclosure No. no copy of this despatch has been sent to Managua. will naturally endeavor to keep that Mission promptly and fully posted conoerning the future movements and activities of these or any other individuals which seem likely to affect conditions in Nicaragua. Possibly the Legation in San Salvador should be supplied with a copy of this despatch since the. Venezuelan General Rafael de Nogales, notorious for years as adventurer and filibuster, also writer (selfstyled Soldier of Fortune in his article in the February Ist number of Adventure. is alleged by PE Colonel