REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES El. DECLASSIFIED Authority Statele Her Mhz Enclosure No. 1, despatch No. 138, dated Augu əymeNARA Cate 2498 GEN IO COPI Port Limon, August 9, 1930 The Honorable Chas. Eberhardt, American Minister, San José, Dear Mr. Eberhardt:Mr. McGuinnes, the tailor, has just come in to announce that Communists, very rabid against the United States and the present government of Nicaragua, landed yesterday from the launch Dora One is a Spaniard and the other a Nicaraguan General. Their names, purposes and destination is unknown just now but shall telephone or telegraph further information iſ obtained. My informant struck me as a little cracked and he had a very strong aroma of alcohol. Yours very sincerely (s) EDWARD CAFFERY American Consul true copy of th:s gued original.