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Adolfo Ortega DíazSalomón de la Selva
REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIHED Authority Stateletter Pahz Enclosure No. 3, despatch No. 138, dated August ust ay MA, NARA Oz: 24181 COPY San José, Costa Rica August 12, 1930 The Honorable Matthew Hanna, American Minister, Managua. Dear Hanna:The attached is the latest from our friend Buckley, which is submitted for what it may be worth. Both President Moncada and yourself may be interested in it. Both of you may also already know that by last boat from the North, Salomon de la Selva and Adolfo Orteaga Diaz reached Costa Rica. have not seen either of them as yet. These two, joining forces with Norberto Salinas and Dr. Tijerino make a bad acting quartette, especially il, as seems not at all unlikely, they will contrive to stir up trouble in connection with the approaching elections in Nicaragua. With the reported activities of General Nogales in Salvador and the Segovias, this bunch here in Costa Rica, and the notorious Buckley headed for Bluefields (he seems on the way as the message came from Siquirres. most anything may happen. One guess is as good as another. will continue to keep you posted. hope you do not mind if send matter which proves to be of little value. would rather over supply than undersupply you. If the contents of this letter can be brought to Hazera attention before he leaves Managua, he may be able to throw some light on the activities of these individuals here. The Nicaraguan emigrados are probably responsible for the publicity which is being given in the local press (La Tribuna) in connection with the alleged kidnapping of an Italian subject at Rivas. Clippings are enclosed. feel that the accounts are gross exaggerations though there is probably just enough fact in the incident for this. Every good wish to you all. Sincerely yours. s) CHARLES EBERHARDT CCE BZ.