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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES DECLASSIFIED Authority. Statele fer hr by me NARI Da! 2418 GEAR DOCUMENT FILE NOTE 818. 00B INDEX BUREAU SEE 811. 00B House Investigation 82 FOR. 137. Goold. DATED. Sent. 26. 1930. FROM. Costa Rica. TO 1127 NAME REGARDING: Costa Rican laws relating to deportation of connunists and regulation of communist propaganda. No special. substance of subdivision 0: Article of the Law of June 5, 1906 and portion or law of June 18, 1894. leb Subdivision of Article of the Law of the sth of June 1906, provides that contessad anarchista may be donted entry into the country as immigrants. Furthermore, according to the law of the 18th of June 1894,