REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED Authority Stateletter Fuhr öy ME, NARI C2:09 2498 San José, Costa Hoa September 26, 1950. M0. 1977 The Honorable The Secretary of State 032 Washington In reply to your diplomatie serial No. nes or August 22, 1930 (File No. 811. 00B House Investigation 60. concerning Costa Rican legislation relative to the deportation of communiata, the regulation of communist propaganda and the admission of communista into the country, have the honor to report that am informed by the Foreign Minister that there are no special laws governing these subjeots. Subdivision of Article of the Law of the 5th of June 1906, provides that confessed anarchists may bo denied entry into the country as immigrants. Furthermore, according to the law of the 18th of June 1894.