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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED Authority Stateletter Inh2 by ME, NARS Date 24 18 San José, Costa Riva Ho. S08 Carbon 818. 504 The Honorable. Ine Secretary of State Fashington The With referanan to that part of my doupatoh do. Ge of February 12, 2931, which mentions the part taken by 10 foreigners in urging the native workomen to the subversive aotivities with which they were charged following their attack in an open letter upon President Counález viques, have the bonox to advise you that the Spanish witer do las Heras Herras is being expelled from the country 無生命的主, 都是中規, 都是經典的ATTA 加其他的都如 Foreign Affairs advises me that, after a conference with the Spanish Chargé affaires, the Ministers of Gobernación and Publia Stety, and the Chief of Polloa. the atto