REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES DECLASSIFIED Aytherity State letter lahz ay me MARS 02:09 2498 who 11 989, ANH ÀI the Bild writer agreed to leave the country voluntarily if nie passage were paid and he were given a small amount of money to support himselr and his secretary for a short time. Their padenge was scoordingly paid to the Conal Zone, and they will leave Coata fica, possibly tomorrow. mile the Spaniard was doubtless the one who most openly and most rebialy urged the Costa rican Laborers to denounde their government and resort to violenco necessary, it seems quite generally agreed that the ground for woh procedure had boan prepared well in advance by the activities of the 10 oallad Polsc0e. wandering peddlers who visit all parts or the country solling cheap articles and in the main arinali e thoir outomats. im la the foreign element referred to in the last parncmph of my despatan mentioned above. so strongly have the ministers or wbile safety and Gobernación Deen convinced or the sullt of these individuals, that an active and acexessive campaign against them is doing waged in the arrort to drive them from the country. The Chier of Police has exploined to the that whllo It has been acreed that the country should be rid of these individuals, their gradual departure from the country in small numbors rather then the abrupt expulsion of the entire 200 men and women (more or less) who are said to make up the party, Beamed denizable. The men are called in and siven the choice of soins reely of their own 112 or being torced to leave the country by local authorities. le a few have at firat Hamad disposed to appoae the local authorities, and demand proof of my middeado on their part, it appears to have required but 11 is argument to show them how much better