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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED Authority State Letter lahz Sy me NARS Date 2498 NA the disseminatPR MON Cootroke than might be found in industrial and mamfacturing centers of population. In connection with the foregoing, an editorial published in LA NUEVA PRENSA or February 15, 1981, has been very favorably commented upon. translation of the closing paragraph or this editorial reads as follows:Pablie opinion demande a1d for the unemployed, giving them something to do, wat at the same time requires that punitive measures be taken against those who, under the cloak of economic difficulties, preach desecration and counsel attacks on property and persons. Costa Rica 18 for workingman, but it 18 not a refuge for international highwaymen. Respectfully yours, SEE 00B REGAROING: Long and ratal Bearch on by Costa Rican N31ce vocators and GHARIRSCHBARLARDT CCR B2, B3