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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED Authority Stateletter Ihr EMBASSY OF THE By MENARI Oate 24981 UNITED STATES OF AMER. Mexico, February 24, 1931. No. 217 DIVISION OF LATIN AMERICAN AFFAIRS DIAR. 2001 DEPART PESTATE ManchC EASTERN EUROPE DITULO 328 32. DERARTMENT OF STATE MAR 1931 COPY IN EL 600. Salata MAR WIN931. DEPARTMENT OF P AmfVC A8BISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE DIVISION Clay MAXICAN AFFAIRS MAR 1931 Department of State. 818. 00B 818. 000 DAR Yes No o distribution to, Legation, dan MAR 12 1931 The Honorable The Secretary of State, Washington. Sir. Commefeial Office 94 OT To gan yore have the honor to inform the Department that the Military Attaché of this Embassy has received from the Military Attaché at the American Legation at San José, Costa Rica, a circular, a copy of which is attached hereto, stating that certain communist literature is being regularly distributed by a clerk in the Mexican Legation at Costa Rica, but that there are indications that the Mexican Minister there is ignorant of these activities. In this connection have the honor to state that have today addressed a letter to the American Minister at