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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES DECLASSIFIED Authority Statele teraz Ey meNARI Date 2498 217 of February 24, Enclosure No. to despatch NO. 1931, from the Embassy at Mexico City. COPY) encl. 10058 1298 (COPY) COSTA RICA POPULATION AND SOCIAL. No. 2900 Propaganda of Foreign Origin. The attached newspaper, together with other communist literature, is being distributed regularly by a clerk in the Mexican Legation here. This clerk is a Mexican, and believe that at least some of this communist literature is received in the diplomatic pouch from Mexico City. This clerk, so far as can discover, started this work immediately after the Mexican Minister left here on leave to Mexico. This was about two months ago and would seem to indicate that the Minister himself is ignorant of what is going on. The particular copy of newspaper enclosed was handed by the clerk referred to, to an American in the lobby of the Hotel Metropoli on the afternoon of January 23rd. The American has just returned from a trip to the interior and says that he was very ragged and dusty and in need of a shave and altogether looked like a down and outer who might respond to such propaganda. As soon as the paper was given him he made inquiries and had no trouble in discovering who the man was and that he regularly passed out literature of this type. The American informs me that some of the propaganda is in Spanish, as the clerk gives it to Nicaraguans and other imigrados who hang around the Hotel Metropoli. have already verified the above statements and will forward further details within a few days. Report No. 1068. San Jose. January 24, 1931. Source Fred Cruse, Lieut. col. Enclosure. Copy of Daily Worker (Central Organ of the Communist Party, New York, January 12, 1931.