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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED Authority Statele teruhr LEGATION OF THE Sy me, NARA Oate 2498 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA No. 311 San José, Costa Rica February 26, 1931 DEPARTMENT OF STATE ਰ MOLASTERN EUROPEAN AFFAIRS. TRAW lat ATAMAX 12 193121 COPY ser cauilder ob DEPARTMENT OF STATE PYNT 193 DIVISION OF LATIN AMERICAN AFFAIRS MARSDE ARTMENT OF STATE WT ASSISTANT SESRETARK OF STATE Embassy In Mexico Legation, then agua 16 Instico (Hoorend APR 7 1931, 818. 00B h 81800B DIVISION MEXICAN AFFAIRS, copy. Transzmitted by any Commercial Olice (4 0. The Honorable APR 13 1931 The Secretary of State Therapiment of State. Washington po Melicoete Managua, LE 414637 Sir:48. 804 13 In my despatch No. 303 of February 20, 1931, referred to the failure of the Costa Rican police, after prolonged and careful search, to find evidence or proof of activities in Costa Rica of any agents of Communish. However, the e Government has felt and still feels that such activiti have been engaged in, and the efforts of the police to find traces thereof have been intensified in recent days on account of the arrival in the mail of certain incriminating. documents. The first of these to be found was a document printed in Spanish, addressed to the Syndicates of Latin America, and to the Laborers in General. bearing the well known APR 22 1931 TL