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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED Authority State better The ey ML, NARA Date 2498 PM RECD LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA San José, Costa Rica February 5, 1982 NO. 782 DIVISO LATIN AMERICAN AFFAIRS DIVISION OF EASTERN EUROPEAN AFF EZB 15 32 10 FEB 16 1932 FEB 23 1922 DEPARIMENT OF STA COPY IN EE 6100 12. leta DEPARTMENT OESTATE FOR DISTRIKTH XK Yus. 818. 00B 31 12AULIZES INYLSISSA 7 CONFIDENTIAL Kegatai tuotesala, lguelgalha DEPARTU imitacijupi Ottive JA 101 To guatemaly San Salrada The Honorable The Secretary of State Washington Managua Sir:I have the honor to report that a small and orderly communist parade was held in San José on the night of February 1, 1932, with about 200 participants, including some 25 women. The motive of the parade, as revealed by crude banners (red flags were also carried. was to demonstrate sympathy with mbrothers who had fallen in the recent disturbances in Salvador, murdered by General Martinez. 2. am enclosing herewith various clippings froze the local press regarding the parade, as well as a memorandum prepared by Mr. Ben Zweig, clerk of this Legation