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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSHED Authority Stateletter lahz y ME, NARA Date 24 18 as would be expected from a country like Costa Rica where 70 per cent of the heads of families on property, has been frankly aghast at the seriousness of the blow launched against established institutions in Salvador. sister republic with much the same traditions and influences as Costa Rica, there has been a certain expression of opinion by local intellectuals such as Gerardo Matamoras and Joaquin Garcia Monge (probably solicited by Nicaraguan reporter de la Selva) in DIARIO DE COSTA RICA, of solidarity and sympathy with the ideals motivating the Salvadorean uprising.
or interest in this connection is a copy of a handbill written by Licenciado Antonio Marla Soto (unknown to the Legation) and entitled The Vampiresø.
The original article was published in LA PRENSA LIBRE on January 29, 1932, and the handbill states that its reproduction was made at the behest of the Workers Union. It contains the usual platitudes about the rich living riotously off the sweat of the laborer brow, the injustice of labeling legitimate efforts at social betterment as communism and makes a strong appeal for the termination of slavery. It also contains an exhortation to pray over the tombs of nour brothers killed in Salvador, so that God may arouse us from our trance. lt Colonel Abel Robles, Governor of the Province of San José and Director General of Police, was quoted