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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED Authority Stateletter Mahz ey MeNARI Cate 912458 house to house methods and do not dabble in communism. He challenges anyone to prove conclusively that any of these mpolacos is a communist. This morning DIARIO DE COSTA RICA carried an article asserting that not thstanding all statements to the contrary it was indisputable that at least some of the itinerant upolacom peddlers were active communist agents; many were mdoubtedly honest and above board, but it had been established beyond a shadow of a doubt in Salvador that a number of the Polacogh there had acted as agitators and had been in direct touch with Russia. The same article cited an actual case which reveals how adroitly some of the peddlers sow the seeds of social discontent among their unsuspecting customers: a prospect was approached and samples of cloth show. The prospect said that he needed the cloth and wented to buy but said he could not afford to; the pedaler replied that he and the other Costa Ricans had no one but themselves to thank for their poverty, since they make no effort to divide up wealth equitably. He continued by mentioning the names of two wealthy women who have millions while you haven even enough to buy a couple of yards of cloth which you need. The danger of permitting this insidious form of propaganda to continue was emphasized and the recommendation made that a careful check up on Polacosbe made and that any who were not bona fide pedalers be deported summarily. For the Department confidential information, should