REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES DECLASSIFIED Authority Stateletter Inhz By ML, NARA 02:09 2498 should like to state that the true situation is as follows: Leaving aside the question of the complicity of these upolacos and other undesiraðles in communist intrigues, which to my mind is undeniable, it may be stated that a campaign to round them up was begun last year by Señor Raúl Gurdian, while Minister of Interior. He advised them to get out of the country, under penalty of refusing them passports if they refused to go, and by this method was able to get rid of 38 or more such wdesirables.
Then Señor Gurdián left the Ministry of Interior in June 1931, it was turned over to Señor Fabio Baudrit, who did not continue his predecessor energetic policy. believe that this let dow was due in large part to an acquiescent attitude on the part of General Arturo Quirós, Minister of Public Safety, and Colonel Abel Robles. Both men are heavily in debt and it has probably reacted to their financial advantage to permit undesirables to stay on in the country. Colonel Robles was asked in August 1931, by this Legation for information regarding communist activities in Costa Rica and given a copy of a questionnaire, and he has failed to date to comply in any way with our request, which to my mind is significant. consequently have reason to believe that the quotation above from LA TRIBUNA regarding strict surveillance and deportation measures of undesirables is not founded on fact. Since Gurdian efforts to rid the country of these peddlers were abandoned, the number