REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES DECLASSIHED Authority, Stateletter lahz ML HARI 0:! 24 18 number of polacoge has increased and no effort to speak of made to regulate their activities. In view of the close and active cooperation be tween the Castro Quesada faction and Messrs. Quirós and Robles, one does not need to be a prophet to predict, in the event the former should get into office by election or other means, that there will be little assurance that any honest and sincere attempt will be made to stamp out the incipient communism that exists here. One can only hope that no such bitter lesson as Salvador received will be necessary here. In so far as the prospect of immediate trouble in Costa Rica of a serious nature is concerned feel that Colonel Robles is correct, but would emphasize the fact that abnormal conditions, world wide in scope, have this country in their grip, and that Costa Rica vaunted record of orderliness, of conservatism and relative social equality will not be able to withstand ipso facto the rising tide of unemployment, unsatisfactory business conditions and increasing social discontent. The present political campaign is practically invariably characterized as almost without precedent in the history of the country for the vituperativeness and violence which have characterized its progress. This is unmistakeable evidence of what is taking place in Costa Rica, of a subtle transformation in modes of thought