REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED Althority State le fer Woh? by me, NARA Cat: 24981 these receipts is of The proletariat should not be made to pay for what they need, for everything belongs to the State and the state is the proletariat. These Polacos. am informed, never fail to take advantage of contacts with malcontents, such as discharged servants, and of insisting that it is only the matter of a very short time before the whole land will be everybody and the larger estates decimated. There have been active disturbances in the Atlantic Coast fruit growing area, with raids on the local commissaries and stores. The word Communisti has been connected with these raids, although basically unjustly, for they have been carried out largely by jobless plantation hands. Even though not connected with Communism, their success or failure cannot but have an effect on any activities which communist directors may decide to foster in Costa Rica. forward herewith the copy of a strictly confidential memorandum prepared under date of March 27, 1932 by Mr. Stein, Assistant Manager in Costa Rica of the United Fruit Company. It is interesting to note parenthetically that the greatest property damage in these Atlantic coast district raids has been at the expense of the Chinese merchants. am reliably informed that physical harm has only come to these Orientals and in no case to Europeans, Jamaicans, persons from the other