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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES DECLASSIFIED Authority State Leffer Inh2 by ME, NARI Date 24981 other West Indies, or the Americas. have not been approached by any members of the Chinese colony in this matter, but in view of the precedent established some time ago that the American Legation is in charge of Chinese interests in Costa Rica, would not be surprised to hear from the subject, officially, in the near future. There is a Chinese Minister in Panama whose territory covers, believe, Costa Rica.
However, since he has never presented his credentials and is not known to have any active representative in Costa Rica, have no doubt that the Chinese colony in this Republic will find it preferable in every way to deal with me.
The officers of the Legation, and I, myself, have discussed on numerous occasions with Costa Rican officials the possibilities of a local Red Menace.
The present Government has been absolutely unwilling to give the question any consideration; in fact, quite the reverse seems the case, for since Raúl Gurdian relinquished the portfolio of Interior (Gobernación) in May 1931, the Government has given the impression of encouraging the activities of the Polacos and of showing a most surprising friendship for one Enrique Yankelewitz (vide despatch No.
615 of September 29, 1931. who is known to be the local official distributing center for Communism.
The present Government goes out during the coming month of May and it is believed that the reins of power will fall into the hands of don Ricardo