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Authority Stateletter Ihr by Me, NARI Date 249811 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL ENCLOSURE NO. VEGGUI STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL MEMORANDUM BY MR. STEIN, ASSISTANT MANAGER IN COSTA RICA OF THE UNITED FRUIT COMPANY TO DESPATCH NO. rowe DATE. Kanske 93. 2mm The first part of February we had information to the effect that Juan Davela, a notorious Nicaraguan trouble maker was organizing a band to try to rob the cashier office in Limon and the banks. Authorities were advised on this movement and made investigation, reporting rumor false and released Davela instead of deporting him from the country as they should have done.
On February 16 th his gang, comprised of about eight men, attacked Company Hope Commissary at El Encanto in Monte Verde Branch and got away with 8600 in cash and goods. Some of the goods was later found and part of the gang captured and brought to Limon but later turned loose.
on March 16 th they turned up again at 28 Miles, Waldeck, now numbering approximately fifteen, and after holding up commissary man at the point of a gun, got away with 319. 42 in cash and 384. 37 in goods. They also attacked a Chinese shop at the same place, getting away with various articles and what cash the Chinaman had and wounded the Chinaman.
The Government sent out police the same night but were unable to capture any of them, although a few suspects have been picked up since.
On March 22nd they turned up at a place called Africa on the old Line and robbed another Chinese shop wounding a Chinaman.
This movement is growing each day as you can see, and with the present number of Nicaraguans out of work and