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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED Authority Stateletter Whz ey ME, NARI 0:12 2498 ago; it contains the usual types of appeals. also have pleasure in forwarding one copy of the newspaper TRABAJO (Work. which is published locally and which is known as the organ of the Communist Party of Costa Rica (sic. The style employed in TRABAJO is very similar to that used in communistic papers throughout the world. of particular local interest is an article on Workers Children by CARMEN LYRA, whose real name is Isabel Carvajal. This woman holds a Government position as superintendent of the San José kindergarten (Escuela Maternal. and is prominent in the small group of Costa Rican so called tintellectuals. made up of Joaquín García Monge and others. The newspaper TRABAJO appears at irregular intervals; it is not available at news stands, and must be obtained from friends of the laboring classes or from hawkers frequenting the districts in which the laboring classes live and work.
In the last paragraph of my afore mentioned despatch, called the Department attention to the unsatisfactory reaction of the local masses to the policy followed by General Max Martinez for the repression of reputed communistic activities in El Salvador. In this connection, transmit herewith one copy of a leaflet presumably distributed by the same persons who hand out Communist literature, which contains the reprint from the DIARIO DE COSTA RICA of February 11, of an article by Adolfo Ortega Diaz, the Nicaraguan, in criticism of mass assassination in.