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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES DECLASSIFIEDS Authority Stateletter whe By ME, NARI Date 2418 in Salvador by the present régime controlling that country.
It should prove of interest to the Department to know that besides this Nicaraguan writer agitator Ortega Díaz, there are now in San José three other Nicaraguans of his type, Salomón de la Selva, Norberto Salinas de Aguilar, and none other than the notorious Gabry Rivas. The latter arrived only a few days ago and has already sburst into printa with two articles (mild enough and harmless) in this morning press. While it may be unfair to these individuals to class them as communists, they certainly are a disturbing element in any community.
Respectfully yours lv harlubóferhardt. CHARLES EBERHARDT Enclosures:1. One copy of leaflet (no additional copies available. One copy of newspaper TRABAJO (no additional copies available. One copy of leaflet (no additional copies available. Copy of this despatch sent to American Legation, Managua.
Carbon Copies Received N McCw вд.