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CLASSEU Authority Stateletter Inhz 3: ML MARC::9 24981. 2STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL trades, on the banana plantations, and especially throughout the teaching profession, their number is legion. If it were not for the feudal system that still maintains itself on the large plantations of the country, it is not unlikely that the party would have come into control of power here by this tine as the laborers party did in Mexico.
It is fortunate for us that in the present struggle the sympathies of this group are with us and not engaged in stirring up the working masses of Costa Rica to resist or sabotage all war efforts. The comment is daily made that the only party or social organization that gives wholehearted support to the energetic prosecution of all war aims here is the Communist Party.
It may be well for the Department to keep in mind the names of the leaders of this organization: Manuel MQRA Valverde, deputy from San José, is the party leader and most instrumental in elaborating its policies. He is single, lives hunbly, and gives all his attention to his legislative work and the party or ganization and projects. One of the most influential men in Costa Rica, and honored by people in every walk of life for his sincerity and honesty, he was formerly most outspoken against United States imperialism. but his three mortal enemies now are Nazi Germany, The Roman Catholic Church and the United Fruit Company. Carmen Lyra (María Isabel CARVAJAL. one of the ablest and most interesting writers in Costa Rica today, is the best known female member, and one of the party most level heads. In spite of her illegitimate birth and her poverty she has friends everywhere, and is one of the few writers of the country known abroad.
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on: ymj Rodolfo GUZMAN is a shoemaker who is a great admirer of the Soviet system, having gone to that country as a delegate from Costa Rica a few years ago and remained there for some time. He is, like many other leaders of the party, an able writer and a student of philosophy.
Carlos Luis SAENZ of Heredia is a schoolteacher who was ousted from his post during the Cortés administration because of hostile expressions of opinion regarding President Somoza of Nicaragua.
He teaches at present in the private school Liceo Sarmiento. Is a literary man of much talent and is a fiery speaker and ardent campaigner and has frequently been a candidate for office. He was in Mexico last year as his party representative.
Carlos Luis FALLAS Siba ja worked for some time on the United Fruit Company plantations on the Atlantic