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which he has described in lamita Yunait one of the most cleverly written novels that Costa Rica has produced in this century. He was recently candidate for Congress from Limón.
NESEMED Ricardo SEGURA is a brother to Manuel Segura Chief of the Diplomatic Section at the Foreign Office, and like his brother he indulges in poetry and belles lettres. He is inclined to drink to excess, which injures his usefulness to the party.
Luisa de GONZALEZ is the most active member of the women group, and has frequently addressed street crowds in defense of her party or in defiance of the Axis or in maintenance of some favorite doctrine. She is the wife of Gonzalo GONZALEZ the likeable and capable dean of the University School of Pharmacy, who is believed to share his wife sympathies for the cause of the working people, but refrains from giving public utterance to his ideas.
Yolanda Øreamuno de BARAHONA is the wife of Oscar BARAHONA Streber, an able young lawyer who holds an important post in the Ministry of Salubridad Pública. She is a very handsome young woman and was formerly the wife of a Chilean Chargé Affaires here. She has frequently taken part in demonstrations for Russia and against the Axis and Falangist Spaniards and has even been committed to jail for excess of zeal. Her husband is generally considered to be another of the silent sympathizer: with the party.
Emilia PRZETO, former wife of the painter Francisco Amighetti, denies at times that she is a member of the Communist Party (as do Segura and Señora Barahona. but her sympathies lie with the party and she usually makes common cause with it on social and political matters, and has given active aid to it on more than one occasion.
There are numerous persons in influential positions who give the Communist party the benefit of their advice and limited support simply because it is the only party of a socialistic nature in the country. These persons are found in government positions, in the University and public schools in the press, in the legal profession, and in the commercial world. If the party red tinge should fade into a pinkish hue