The DIARIO de COSTA RICA concluded its report of this new development with the words: If this initiative orospers So far as to come before Congress, the tempest recently aroused will become much more violent, as mey be supposed. lt The report is going the rounds in circles that are in close touch with the Government that the whole idea of the repeal of the religious laws originated in the brain O1 Crnesto wart in, often referred to as the 100st skillful politician in the ranks or the National Republican party, in order to ingratiate himself with the church and prowote uis personal designs to secure the presidency. The Legation is unable to comment as to the truth or falsity of this asseveration.
In the meantime numerous statements of prominent citizens have been made public in which they withdrav their allegiance from the administration party as a result of its sponsorship of repeal of the reli ious laws.
Among these persons are axililiano SOTO Bernándex uio son, Oldemar JOTO Tield, both descended from two 21residents of the country, ana Victor benel YCIESTAS Bonilla, wao is descended from three former presidents.
The movement for organizing a liberal party is said to ho malcins some leadway, out the Pronosed organization does not expect to participate in the 1941, presidential elections. The leading spirits in this new formation are Dr. Carlos Januel TORNADO Prestinary ana Licenciado Mariano UCHVORRIA Morales, who inform the public that they will shortly issue a manifesto toute country with the signatures of thirty prominent citizer of thirty prominent citizens. oec. Time the Propositions to which they are dedicated. The dentro de Estudio de Problemas Nacionales, referred to in previous des patches on the religious question, is said to be giving its support to the new group.
On July 29, 1942, the repeal of the religious laws passed third and final debate in congress, only deputies Calzada and Cortés insisting on recording their opposition to the measure. On the following day there appeared in the newspaper LA RAZON of San José this letter: The hour is at hand in which we must unmask the person who is responsible for all this movement against the natural calm of Costa Rica. Already lay education has been overthrown. The laws of 1864 and 1894 regarding religious communities have been repealed. Now the plan is to do away with divorce. Tomorrow civil marriage will be prohibited. Next will come the ead of the secularization of cemeteries, then, last of all, a direct thrust at liberty of conscience in every part of the nation.
Whoever has read the books of lonsignor Sanabria will find the key to all this reactionary attitude. It is the author of these works that must