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CommunismCommunist PartyManuel Mora

MEMORANDUM Costa Rican Political Situation It is reported that the Costa Rican Government is leaning to the left in that for a long time President Calderon Guardia has never taken action on important matters without consulting Manuel Mora, head of the Communist Party in Costa Rica. Manuel Mora also is the only Communist member of Congress.
It is said that several days ago President Calderon asked for Mora support and the support of the Communist Party if he should have a break with the United States. Supposedly, immediately after being assured of Mora support, President Caldera had a meeting with a Mr. Robert Scotten, the United States Minister to Costa Rica, a nd discussed various matters which he, the President, considered unsatisfactory in his relations with the United States Government.
As of September 14, 1942, it is said that the Costa Rican papers mentioned the fact that Lombardo Toledano, head of the Communist Party in Mexico, was due in Costa Rica shortly.
It is reported that President Calderon has indicated for some time that he felt the United States is against him personally and that recently he has been quite convinced of that.
Reportedly the Costa Rican President and some other Costa Rican officials felt at the time of the overthrow of Arnulfo Arias, former President of Panama, that the United States supported and promoted that movement. It is said that they had now convinced themselves that such was actually the case.