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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES 1957 19:20 kyn. Ticht 911 TOTAQUOSE GBIJISS57030 background, it is nevertheless known that he has played an important role in the preparation and drafting of the present code. In two recent radio addresses, he prepared the way for the introduction of the code without making specific references to it. His present political power is based upon the effective organization of the National Union of Syndicates, for which he is almost alone responsible, although he holds no membership in any of the organizations composing the Union. His only recognized office is General Secretary of the Communist Party, but he has never been to Russia. It is through the Union of Syndicates that he exercises his influence, and it is with their support that he was first elected Deputy in 1934 and ran for President in 1940. In the congressional elections of 1942, you will recall, the Communists polled 16, 000 votes although they claimed that they had at least 25, 000.
The recent visit of Vice President Wallace has been used by the Syndicates, without any foundation in fact, to imply that the Vice President gave his vigor ous approval to the inclusion of social guarantees in the constitution. These amendments, presented to congress last June, have not yet been adopted. EW81800 1755 The Legation points out that President Calderon Guardia now finds himself so dependent upon the support of Mora that he has no alternative than to press for the adoption of the labor code, even though the code goes much farther than the President wishes to go. There is little doubt about the President sincere interest in the welfare of the workers in view of previous social legislation which has had his wholehearted support. In this instance, however, he appears to be less sincere in his support, and consequently is giving it only for political reasons. Should the labor code be adopted, it is quite possible that it will not be any more effectively administered than have certain other social me as ures.
65mse The President position in recent labor disputes has been neither frank nor open, but labor has benefitted more from his vacillation than has capital. The President, during a recent strike of United Fruit Company workers, indicated to Mr. Hamer, the General Manager of the company, that he did not want the company to raise wages which would undoubtedly encourage similar demands by other labor groups throughout the country. However, Manuel Mora has two pet hates, the United Fruit Company and Yankee imperialism, and it appears that he will not discourage strikes or other difficulties between the workers and the Fruit Company even during the present crisis. Moreover, he has built up sentiment against the discrimination in wages paid to Costa Ricans and United PS VGG States