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NII, CEPLOTA DL aly SUSREL2 OL FUE REPE 197571 0120 km. Titty 63 giren STA QUOGENY GYISS77330 ES in Costa Rica, the United Fruit Company and the National Light and Power Company, a subsidiary of Electrio Bond: and share Company copy of this letter is enclosed.
Colonel Manuel Rodriguez, the Under Secretary of Publ10 Security, condemned the letter in the consorship and be sent. This letter was published in the Communist newspaper El Trabajo of February 20, 1943, under the headline The Imperialist Companies in Our Countries are Great Servants of Nazism. There was some resentment in Costa Rica, over the fact that Costa Ricans whether laborers or not, should take their problems to another country and thus invite intervention on their behalf. There were similar complaints that the laborers showed very bad taste when they exhibited posters and placards calling for the just and democratic settlement of the laborers complaints against American companies when they congregated at the airport to receive Vice President Wallace on his visit here on March 17th. It is indicative of the strength of the labor organizations, however, thatathe administration was unable, or dared note, suppress the carryin agt sych banners even on such an important Occasions berano Congreso Constitucional.
12 de Abril de 1943.
It is greatly to be regretted at a time like the presentathat, Moranhas seen fitoto allow his followers to make such attacks. It 187 no doubt due in no small measure to the adverse comment that has been made against unfair discrimination between wages paid to Costa Ricans and United States Citizens on the Pan American Highway under the control of the United States Army Engineers.
The United States Army, Engineers ķerenobtained wage scales from the Costa Rican Government before making their rates of pay known, and the rates of pay set up by the Costa Rican Government have been strictly adhered to by the engineers. Nonetheless, there was some criticism, and when the American citizens became eligible for overtime pay, the comments were abittefe Ephe proposed labor code has a provision specifically callingulor equalt pay for equal work, and that, isqundoubtedly another reason why some agitation against American companies has been undertaken.
TV more detailed study of the labor code will be made by the Legation, with comments on its effect on the economy of the country. For the present, it is enough to point out that it has been presented at a time when its passage is practically assuredLabor in Costa Rica is beginning to feel its power under an administration favorable to its program and not strong enough to prevent it from going further than perhaps is wise at the moment. Guided by the politically astute Manuel Mora, and taking advantage of some of the reactions to Vice President Wallace visit, the rising costs of living, the known inequitable working conditions of some laborers, the heroic defense of Russia against