Manuel Mora

REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED Authority Statele Her Muh27 eyme NARS Ca. 2418 thinking of sidetracking him. Since no compromise candida te has yet been picked it is possible that the President, together with Manuel Mora, are experimenting with trial balloons to see what the reaction will be to the re election of Calderón Guardia, even though it is unconstitutional. Mora would be agreeable, since he has confidentially told the Embassy informant that neither Picado nor the President have any power without the Vanguardia Popular Party. Mora price for his aid is said to be the Ministries of labor, Agriculture and Public Works in the new cabinet and a substantial number o deputies. Mora himself might even be a candidate if Picado withdraws and no compromise candidate is forthcoming.
Reliable observers expect the prevailing political calm to be broken on or shortly before Sep tember 10, when the Electoral Boards are appointed. One member of each party is appointed to such Boards and the se men decide whether a per son is eligible to vote. If both the Administration Party and the Vanguardia Popular Party headed by Manuel Mora have representatives, the Democratic Party of Leon Cortés will be outvoted two to one, The Minister of Public Education, Señor TINOCO, has told me that there are always heated discussions over the naming of the members of these boards and that this year it is likely to be more controversial than usual.
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