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Working Class

REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES Lan 92 VEL The President in his address thanked the laborers for their invitation, and promised his assistance to the extent possible their petitions. He explained why he had sponsored the labor codes, and gave a little of the background of his own experience. His speech contained nothing of significance in the minds of informed Limón per sons.
There appear to have been several reasons for the President visit to Limón. Among them was his desire to show that the working classes support him wholeheartedly. Another was his reported wish to increase his party prestige. third, and e much more important reason, is that openly, proclaimed by his opsponents, and whispered or hinted by his supporters and friends, that the President is planning to retain power, that he will not surrender his office at the end of his present term, and that he is trying to build up popular support for such a move.
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