Manuel Mora

MOLE wou GSFȚELLES! NOUSOJ NOLS gug bloegeuf CS5gOLOU GOLGIU Loogoro DJCER DECLASSIHED Authority State Letter Fuhr By Me NARI Date 24 18 demonstration of today is the answer of the people to the critics of the Administration who say that the President is alone. The people approve of him not only as a great man and a great Costa Rican, but also because of his political, economic and social leadership.
President Calderón Guardia spoke last and while it thanking the people for their sincere request that he remain in office stated that he would leave at the end of his four year term. do not want the laboring classes to believe me capable of deceiving them. never will. but, as Mora has just told you, the force of reaction will say it was necessary to trample the Constitution to gain our social legislation and that could never do. The President contimed that this biggest and greatest manifestation ever seen in the Republic was the best answer to my enemies who pretend that am alone. We will. cried the President, show the reaction that we can win in free elections and maintain these social victories. and called on the laboring classes to follow the next President to defend the social guarantees and the Labor Code which have given you.
Referring to his determination to leave the Presidency at the end of his term, Señor Calderón Guardia said that the forces of reaction could not say that his leaving the Presidency was based on fear, for the crowd itself proved that he had the support Malmost unanimous. of the citizenry of Costa Rica, and they know that I, today in the Presidency and tomorrow in the field, am ready for any sacrifice, even that of my life. to defend their rights.
Throughout the speeches of Manuel Mora and the President there were continuous cries of Viva Calderón Guardia and in favor of reelection. Reliable observers informed the Embassy that just after Manuel Mora spoke a great number of workers left the parks and did not stay to hear the speech of Señor Calderón Guardia.
SPT LA TRIBUNA of September 17, which reported the demonstration and gave the text of some of the speeches, also carried an interview granted by Teodoro Picado.
Beginning the article with comments on the refusal of Picado to speak in spite of the requests of his many friends, it quoted him as saying that the National Republican Party, of which he is the head, has supported the social politics of President Calderón Guardia from the beginning and would continue to support the President.
until the last day of his administration. He likewise remarked on the eloquent answer the demonstratiom was to the President critics, and asked Who can from today on deny the immense popularity of Doctor Calderón Guardia. Neither