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Manuel Mora

REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED Authority Stateletter Ihr mL, NARI Date 2498 EMBASSY XEGATION OF THE 1943 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SLICS San José, Costa Rica, e in September 30, 1943 No. Subject: Current Trend in Political Campaign is against Leon Cortés for reasons RECEIVED 1) Composition of electoral boards, 2) Popular demonstrations staged by President, 3) Pact between Mora and Picado, TSER ON POLITICA. RELEASE DenLAN LANA OCT 4 1943 STRICTLY FOONFIDENTIAL DEPARK SEMENT OF STALA otsis The Honorable The Secretary of State. Washington, Sir: have the honor to report that there is a growing feeling here that recent developments have definitely diminished the chances of the Cortés party in the February elections. This situation has been produced by three principal developments. 1) The selection of the electoral boards, in which the Picado Vanguardia forces were given the mai jority everywhere except in Alajuela and Heredia; RECEIVED DEPARTMENT OF STATE 818. 00 1831 2450T AM 01 divisions (2) The popular rallies which have been staged during the past few months by the President im AlaKuela, Puntarenas, Limón, Cartago and San José; 23. The formal pact which was recently concluded between Picado, in behalf of the Republican Party, and Manuel Mora, as leader of the Vanguardia Popular Party.
The only recent development unfavorable to the forces of President Calderón Guardia, Picado and Mora is the suspension of work on the Military Highway which will carry with it unemployment etc. this development has not yetis been exploited politically, however, and it remains to be seen just what attitude the fortés faction will adopt in relation to it.
PS DAB The three developments mentioned. above, and especially the first, have made the leaders of the Cortés. party pessi. mistic about their chances of receiving fair treatment at the forthcoming elections. They still maintain thatin an honest election they would sweep the country and that even among the laboring classes, which have been especially courted by the President and Manuel Mora, they we great strength.
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