Athority. Jtaresetter By ML, NARA D2: 24 18 TELEGRAM RECEIVED SCB San JOSE This telegram must be closely paraphrased beDated October 9, 1943. fore being communicated FROM to anyone. C)
Rec 11:12 Secretary of State, Washingtone US URGENT 687, October 9, Noon. SECTION THREE)
He made the somewhat surprising observation that the President wanted to go to Washington but that he could not consider the trip as long as the rumor factory had it that if he went he would be personally rebuked in Washington, He said the degree to which. these and other rumors of the same nature are being circulated and the credence they were finding even among intelligent people was alarming.
In referring to the Communist! influence which is.
allegedly increasing here he said he personally had always been anti Communist in the past, had been proFranco in the Spanish civil war and that he could not have reconciled his present position with these views. had he not been convinced that Costa Rican Communism had little of the Russian article in it. Mora, whom he described as a bit of an idealish, had agreed to Eliminate any conflict in the Vanguardis platform with traditional