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Manuel Mora

REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. DECLASSIFIED Authority Stateletter Ihr syme NARA Date 24981 es DEPARTMENT OF STATE DIVISION OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLICS October 11, 1943 Mr. Cabot: Mr. Bonsal: Costa Rican Political Developments (Despatch no. 624 of September 30, 1943 from San José. RICA UBLICS sta Rica. 30, 1943.
ampaign is veep asons oards, aged final ido. A POLITICAL, RELATED Herewith a very interesting despatch from Mr. Trueblood giving his observations on the political situation following the Mora Picado pact. The Cortesistas feel that with the election boards in all except two provinces stacked in favor of the administration and Mora, there is not much hope for an honest election. The campaign manager of Señor Cortés, Castro Boeche, insists that the United States should do something to prevent a flagrant denial of justice. but he did not volunteer what should be done.
ISER ON POLITICAL Mre. DUAN OCT 4 1943 TAZMENT OF STATE While there is still some speculation that the President may, by the suspension of civil guarantees, call off the elections, Mr. Trueblood believes on the basis of a recent conversation with Calderón Guardia that the President is sincere in wishing to retire at the end of his term, in spite of the possible clamor from Mora party for his continuation in office. It is believed in some quarters that Mora would like to see Calderón Guardia continue an other term at the end of which time Mora himself might, with Calderón Guardia support, seek the presidency, re is a growing re definitely y in the Febin produced by oards, in which given the malela and Heredia; 818. 00 1831 2006 RAJDTomlinson:ES on staged dur VO President im Alaww1a, runtarenas, Limón, Cartago and San José; 29 The formal pact which was recently concluded between Picado, in behalf of the Republican Party, and Manuel Mora, as leader of the Vanguardia Popular Party.
FILE The only recent development unfavorable to the forces of President Calderón Guardia, Picado and Mora is the suspension of work on the Military Highway which will carry with it unemployment etc. this development has not yeter been exploited politically, however, and it remains to be seen just what attitude the Cortés faction will adopt in relation to it.
PS DAB The three developments mentioned. above, and especially the first, have made the leaders of the Cortés party pessimistic about their chances of receiving fair treatment at the forthcoming elections. They still maintain thatin an honest election they would sweep the country and that even among the laboring classes, which have been especially courted by the President and Manuel Mora, they have great strength.
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