ASSIS RESTRICTED Enclosure to Despatch no. 202, dated April 28, 1949, from the American Embassy, Guatemala, on the subject: Guatemalan Congress sends Message to Costa Rican Constituent Assembly urging latter to Intervene in favor of Carlos Luis FALLAS, ex Vanguardia Deputy and Labor Leader, Sentenced to Prison for Activities during Civil War. MEN AND WOMEN OF THE GUATEMALAN REVOLUTION URGE THE LIBERTO OF CARLOS LUIS FALLAS The Confederación de Trabajadores de Guatemala. CTG. directs a call to all the Guatemalan and Central American revolutionary sectors in order to save the existence and the liberty of an honored and valient leader of the workers and the people of Costa Rica. who, for long months, has surfered imprisonment under an infamous and cowardly sentence of a so called tribunal or immediate sanctions organized by the reactionary forces which assailted the power of that sister nation. That man who knew how to direct and defend the interests of the Costa Rican proletariat. now in prison and humiliated in cold cells. beginning with the great strikes in 1933 against the United Fruit Company in the banana zones, is subjected to the stern reprisals of reaction and of imperialism, precisely for having been the indefatigable and incorruptible paladin of social justice. This is his only crime; having served since that year the national interest and the costly vehement desires of the laboring class, Now that the dark forces of imperialism dominate the institutions of the State and occupy all the key positions of Costa Rica, which liquidate the popular organisms that could detain their voracious maneuver of colonization; and which assassinate and imprison worthy men and women under smooth pretenses, we raise our most energetic protest against the brutal trampling, and at the same time we call upon the conscientious groups of Guatemala (to express) solidarity in the struggle for the democratic liberty of Costa Rica and for the liberation of those popular leaders who suffer infamy and punishment from the same foreign elements which are attempting to subjugate our country. Nothing more common and plainly infamous is such an accusation; the same as the enraged sentence that condemns the magnificent vanguard leader to four years in the penitentiary. For the infamous sentence and for the tremendous injustice charging the person who is a great proletariat fighter, we denounce this case which lills one with indignation, in the hope that we will obtain the necessary solidarity to liberate CARLOS LUIS FALLAS; and, in order to 1llustrate to the democratic sectors of the country, we have resolved to give publicity to two letters written by him and published in Diario de Costa Rica and La Hora. which establish with complete clarity the truth about the lawsuit for actions which occurred in the past (proceso de marras. and the interests in play for the purpose of shading that transparent personality of Costa Rican democracy. In RESTRICTED