HARRY TRUMAN LIBRARY Papers of NATHANIEL DAVIS position with his government since he had told it on the basis of a communication from the Foreign Minister that Costa Rica had agreed to his request that it vote favorably on the Brazilian resolution. Now the government seemed to be backing out.
DIARY The cocktail party referred to was at Raul Gurdian He had invited all the members of the Constituent Assembly in order that they might meet and talk with Walter Hamer preparatory to discussion in the Junta of the new United Fruit Company contract. think most of the members of the Assembly were present. Certainly nost of them that know were there and there were a good many strange faces.
We left shortly after as we had a dinner date. Hamer told me later that he was there until after 10 and he thought the meeting had been well worthwhile.
From the Gurdian we went on to the Stevenson for dinner and then home in the pouring rain.
San José, May lb, 1949.
Copy up to Diary to Bennett, CPA NPDavis:njp