HARRY TRUMAN LIBRARY Papers of NATHANIEL DAVIS treaty. said would like to review the situation to date. We have had up for discussion between us three related problems but they are entirely distinct in their nature. In chronological order they are: Costa Rica decree law no. 116 claiming sovereignty over the high seas up to 200 miles from shore. As long ago as last Harch. had received a formal commu. nication from the Foreign Minister stating, in response to our reservation of rights, that that decree would be amended in such a way as to make perfectly clear that there was no claim of sovereignty. Nothing had happened. had discussed the matter several times with the Foreign Minister and once with the President. Both had told me that the Minister of Agriculture had been charged with the drafting of amendments or rather of a new decree to replace no. 116. Mothing had happened. Hr. Cunningham had had several informal discussions of the matter with officials of the Ministry of Agriculture. They had asked for suggestions as to the wording of the new decree. We had passed that request on to the Department of State which had sent us an informal draft which might be of assitance to the Costa Rican Government. Mr. Cunninghan had presented that informal draft to the Ministry of Agriculture. Nothing had happened. On May 6, during the course of a call on the Foreign Minister, had again raised the question and had told him of steps taken to date. had given hin, at his request, by copy of the Department Suggested draft. He had said that he was seeing the Kinister of Agriculture that night and would settle the matter. Nothing had happened. few days ago the Minister of Agriculture had told Mr. Cunningham that he would like to take the draft with him to Washington for di acus sion during the treaty negotiations in order to settle all these outstanding questions at one time. While had no objection to thelinister of Agriculture carrying the draft with him saw no point in further dlacussions in Washington. The amendment of a decree law of the Costa Rican Government is a matter for the Costa Rican Government. We have already done everything we can to assist it by giving it some suggested language but the drafting and promulgation of the decree is a matter for this Government and saw no reason for taking it to Washington. The proposed