HARRY TRUMAN LIBRARY Papers of NATHANIEL DAVIS very carefully to negotiations we have been conducting for more than a year with a large number of countries in connection with the International Trade Organization. said there are many complications requiring expert consideration for which am not qualified. am gura that the proper officials in Washington who do have the requisite expert knowledge would be glad to discuss the matter with Costa Rican representatives. An advantage could well be taken of their presence in Washington to negotiate the fishing treaty for such discussions but it must be kept in mind that the two are independent.
Referring to his remark that the only possibility for establishing a Costa Rican fish canning industry is free access to the American market, said was by no means sure that this was so and that our experts in Bashington might very possibly be able to give him 8000 useful suggestions. said, for example, it might be worthwhile to explore the possibility of selling Costa Rican canned fish to Europe under the ERP. did not know whether that was possible but threw out the suggestion as worthy of investigation.
To sum up, said the three problems, the first is one for settlement by the Costa Rican Government; it has already agreed to do so and has received informal advice on how to go about it; hoped very much that there would be no further delay. As to the second, both governments had expressed a desire to negotiate a convention, had accepted the Mexican treaty as a basis, and there is no conflict of interest. on the contrary, the Interests of both governments in the matter coincide. hoped that the Costa Rican Government would withdraw yesterday note injgcting the tariff question, in which case was sure that con vention could be negotiated two or three days. As to the third, officials would be glad to discuss the matter and probably would have some helpful suggestions but it was a very complicated thing and Costa Rica request could not be granted off hand. sa id, for example, that an ite concession on canned fish would presumably mean an amendment to our existing trade agreement. As long ago as last December the Department had handed an Aide Hienoire to the Costa Rican Embassy in Washington pointing out that the new exchange and import regulations contained a violation of the trade agreement and suggesting a possible alternative. No action had been