Alai HARRY TRUMAN LIBRARY Papers of NATHANIEL DAVIS copy. had been taken by Costa Rica. If it should now ask for an amendment to the agreement in its favor, we would be justified in asking what Costa Rican planned to do about our protest and the whole question of exchange and import regulations would immediately be involved. said we had not pressed very hard on the matter of Costa Rica violation because the matter was not vital at the moment but it is nevertheless something which must be settled sooner or later. The President said, No, you have not pressed because you wanted to help us. replied that was quite true. We were very anxious to do what we could to assist Costa Rica in solving her own difficulties but we had to consider all aspects of any proposed action.
The President thanked me for my exposition and said he had not clearly understood the matter before. He hoped Martén would be a member of the delegation to the fishing discussions so that he could take advantage of his presence in Washington to discuss the tariff matter and also the Industrial Development Agreement which llartén had had under study for some time and which the President most important matter pending between us. lle say no reason why a fisheries convention providing for a scientific study should not be entered into without difficulty. The really important thing would be for Martén to sew up the industrial agreement. He said he could not withdraw last night note by simply taking it out of my hands since it had been written by Masis. replied that he could not do that for another reason. would have to keep it in my files. The President grinned and said he was going to talk to liasis and lartén during the evening and would give me his answer tomorrow morning. He said if Martén agrees to go he will ask him to call on ne first in order that may make the position as clear to him as had just done to the President and added, Just talk to Martén; don talk to Bruce (Masis. San José, May 18, 1949 Copies to Bennett, CPA Mr. Cunningham NPDavis:mjp