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REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES DECLASSIFIED Authority Statele teruhr BML NARS Cat1 2498 RESTRICTED No. 289 San Jose, Costa Rica July 8, 1949 IXR REC JUL 11 ACTION ARA SUBJECT: The future political status of Vanguar dia Popular DEPARTMENT OF STATE OFFICE OF AMERICAN REPUBLIC AFFAIRS The Honorable. The Secretary of State, S; JUL 13 1949 Washington, INFO DCR OLI SI EUR Xitowrse Sirr 818. 00 849 have the honor to refer to the Embassy Airgram No. 284 of June 10, 1949, which reported the inclusion by the Constituent Assembly of a provision in the new Constitution, now in the process of enactment, prohibiting the organisation or existence of political parties which advocate destruction of the democratic organization of Costa Rica, translation of the text of this provision, which has now become available, reads as follows: Article 74. All citizens have the right to viagsociate in parties for the purpose of participatIng in national politics.
The organization or operation of parties which, through their ideological platforms, means of action or international connections aim to destroy the fundamentals of democratic organization of Costa Rice, or which violate the sovereignty of the country is, however, prohibited. Decision (concerning such parties) to be rendered by the Legislative Assembly by a vote of not less than two thirds of its members based upon report from the Supreme Tribunal of Elections.
TRANSITORY. For purposes of the elections to be held during the current year, application of the rule contained in the present article shall be the dan oxclusive duty of the Supreme Tribunal of Elections.
Meanwhile, VANGUARDIA POPULAR, at which the foregoing Consitutional prohibition was exclusively aimed, has been blasting away at its so called Wundemocratic intent in its clandesting weekly TRABAJO. It has defiantly stated that continue operating, underground if need be. On the other hand, it is taking full advantage of the laxity Incident to an administration which is to remain in office bute another four months, Since its case has not as yet been placed before the Electoral Tribunal, Vanguardia is proceeding to organise for the forthcoming congressional election 818. 0035 1949 ACTION COPY RETURN TO DO ROSTRICTED VIMEN 14 DAYS, WITH NOTATION OF ACTION TARS DMR