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DECLASSIFIED REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES Authority Statele Her Fahr 6;ML NART Cute 2498 THE FOREIGN SERVICE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DISTRICTY NO. 369. Guatemala, July 13, 1949, SUBJECT: Guatemalan Congress Congratulates Self on Release from Costa Rican Imprisonment of Carlos Luis FALLAS. FICE OF AMERICAN REPUBLIC AFFAIRS JUL 18 1949 THE HONORABLE THE SECRETARY OF STATE RECOD ACTION ARA WASHINGTON DOR SIR: have the honor to refer to the Embassy Restricted Despatch no. 202, of April 28, 1949, and to report the reaction in the Guatemalan Congress to the reported release from imprisonment in Costa Rica of Carlos Luis TALLAS, Costa Rican labor leader imprisoned for activities during the Costan Rican Civil War. On April 21, the Guatemalan Congress had directed to the Costa Rican Constituent Assembly a message asking Its intervention to bring about the release of this. great. labor leader. 81 00 1349 communication from Carlos Luis Fallas to the Congress was brought to its attention on July 11. Fallas announced that he was now free, and thanked the Guatemalan Con cress and the Guatemalan labor organizations for effective intervention to procure his liberty. At this announcement in the Congress, several deputies took the floor to express their pleasure and call attention to the effectiveness of the Congress intervention in acts of justice such as this. Deputy Marco Antonio VILLAMAR Contreras made a speech the gist of which was that Deputy wanuel PINTO Usaga (who had introduced the motion to intervene) now had the last laugh on the congressional opposition which had mocked the measure. Respectfully yours, For the Ambassador: Kenedon Steins Third Secretary of Embassy File no: 350 KPSteins mch Parchment to Department Copies to: Amembassy, San José Gue temala Desk Officer JU! 22 1949 FILED RESTRICTED ACTION COPY RETURN TO DC PILES WITHIN 14 DAYS, WITH NOTATION OF ACTION TAKEN. DMR