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DECLASSIFIED REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES Authority Statele ter lahz 3NL, NARS Date 2498 Rec Oct. 27 THE FORION SERVICE OF THE 818. 00 10 2549 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA UNCLASSIFIED No. 458 San José, October 25, 1949 SUBJECT: Communist Reaction to Editorial in Diario de Costa Rica. WoF siatt DIFICE OF MERICAN REPUBLIC AFFAIRS OCT 311949, ACH ION: ARA enc INFO: DCR POS EURX OLI m filqura bmb The Ambassador has the honor topeterto the Embassy despatch no. 439 of October 13, 1949 forwarding a translation of an editorial which appeared in Mr. Ulate Diario de Costa Rica on October concerning the poor showing of the Social Democratic Party in the recent elections and the extent of the support given the Constitutional Party by the Communists. This editorial provoked an angry retort from the communists in the form of a mineographed handb111, a copy of which is enclosed. Oscar Vargas is a pseudonym for Arnoldd FERRETO, one of the better known communist leaders. The handbill claims that Ulate statement regarding Costa Rica being on the side of the democracies should there ever be a war with the USSR was intended to intimidate the only opposition group (the Constitutional Party six depu. ties) in the new Congress, forcing them to abandon the program of democratic restoration and reparation (presum ably restoring the often 112 gotten gains of the Calderon. istas. Moreover, the handbill alleges, another of the unconfessable motives behind Mr. Ulate statement 19 his. desire to please. the imperialist inciters of a third world war and the owners of Wall Street who are trying to obtain world control under the sign of the dollar and the atomic bomb. There then followg paragraphs of typical party line bombast and a denunciation of Ulate for speaking of a possible war which is not wanted by Costa Rica. No, Mr Ulate, here there should not be concentration camps nor gallows for one side or the other. There should not be because there should not be a third world war. In order tha there should not be, we, the communists, will fight, faith ful to the Costa Rican tradition. But do not forget that war should break out, the victory will be for those of us. whº are against war, on the anti imperialist side, the (side of) popular democracy and socialism. 1140) TOOS Enclosure. AN NOV4 1949 HILTID Handbill as described above. File 350. 21 ALDonovan:mjp UNCLASSIFIED ACTION COPY 10 DOAR ne: